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    Ed Schwalje

    CEO / Co-Founder

Ed, the architect behind the idea of VegTable, had never intended to be an entrepreneur.

As a vegetarian for more than 13 and a vegan for 3 years he has educated himself in the world of plant based health and nutrition through people like T. Colin Campbell, Joel Kahn, Michael Gregor, Garth Davis, The Rich Roll podcast, and many others.

Like many of our customers, Ed is the primary cook for his family. With a limited amount of time each day to prepare the family meal, he decided to try some of the other meal kits on the market. Unimpressed with the bland and unimaginative offerings, and disconcerted by the amount of waste produced by the packaging and shipping materials, he began his quest to establish a company that could help people discover the beauty and diversity of plant-based eating coupled with sustainable, recyclable, non-petroleum based packaging.

Pair that with his background in logistics and supply chain and you’ve got yourself a well thought out start up with some smart amazing food.

The goal is and always has been simple: Make it easy for people to adopt or maintain a plant based diet while reducing the impact on the environment. He wants the home cook to get brave and experience new flavors, learn the tastes of new cuisines, and experiment with new ingredients and techniques.

When not working on VegTable Ed can usually be found in a record store, in his garden, or galavanting around the Garden State with his wife and two daughters.

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    Trish Sebben

    Executive Chef / Co-Founder

Whether she’s developing recipes, teaching a class, or cooking for clients, Trish’s focus is on creating amazing, nutritious plant-based meals that appeal to everyone, from committed vegans to the “plant-curious” to the “no way am I eating that” crowd! (Spoiler alert: They all end up loving it!) Through VegTable, she hopes to help more people—singles, couples, and families—spend quality time in the kitchen cooking nutritious, delicious, earth-friendly meals.

Trish is the author of Plant Based Cookbook (DK, 2015), Idiot’s Guides: Canning and Preserving (Alpha Books, 2014), and The Complete Idiot’s Guide: Greens Cookbook (Alpha Books, 2013). She contributed to The Best of Vegan Cooking (2009), and has edited countless other vegan and vegetarian titles.

Her role as VegTable’s Executive Chef means that she can usually be found in her home kitchen creating and photographing new recipes for VegTable subscribers. She dreams of a world where everyone follows a vegan diet some, most, or all of the time, and loves helping others transition and learn to love the plant-based lifestyle.

When she’s not saving the world one delicious plate of food at a time, Trish volunteers her time to local animal rescue, food justice and hunger relief, and veterans’ causes. She loves collecting cookbooks, rolling pins, and rusty old junk, being outdoors, and spending time with her family, friends, and animal companions.


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