The Petrol Portion

Author: Ed Schwalje


When I started VegTable I had a comprehensive vision in mind: I wanted to be able to supply people with an easy way to make a transition to a plant base diet (PBD) or to maintain a plant based diet, but do so in a way that changed the way boxed meals are packaged.

Putting delicious plant-based food on our customers’ tables is our primary goal, but I also wanted to focus on making our meal kit delivery service sustainable by eliminating the unstustainable packaging used by all of the other meal kit boxes. I had tried some–even though there was a lack of vegan options–and was saddened to see the amount of waste that these services created. Everything in the box that wasn’t food was oil-based, and would be in landfills “forever”. The insulation was styrofoam, a vast majority of which can’t be recycled, and the portion packs were all 100% plastics which, again, get thrown into landfills. So we have these services that are helping people cook at home, connect with their families, and experience new flavors, but they’re engaged in the same old waste streams that pump plastics into the oceans and contribute to the global use of fossil fuels. As someone who cares about the health of the planet just as much as I care about my personal health or animal welfare, these boxes didn’t really sit right with me. I wanted to create a way for all types of plant based eaters (new and old, full-time and part-time) to participate in these services in a way that makes them feel good about their decision from every angle. Some of us choose to eat plant based because of animal welfare, some of us choose to eat plant based to optimize our health, but all of us should recognize that eating plant based is better for the planet. VegTable is driven to use the best and most sustainable practices not just with our food and recipes, but with our packaging as well.

We commit ourselves to using plant based plastics in our portion packaging, we use 100% non-GMO corn for our insulation, our ice packs are a non-toxic cornstarch based refrigerant and the liner is biodegradable, and our box and bags are recyclable.

VegTable strives to create amazing, meals with fun ingredients and easy to follow instructions, but we also are deeply committed to what the company’s impact is AFTER the meal is eaten.




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  1. Kerryn 4 years ago

    Your post has litefd the level of debate

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